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 Background Reading

Embracing the Heart Connection:

Experiencing Intuitive Unity*

 Henry Reed

That which cometh from the heart will go to the heart. Jeremiah Burroughs, In Hosea

  Mary was frustrated, even depressed, about her new boss, Celeste. She didnt like Celestes style. Mary felt hostile toward Celestes new proposals and the tasks she was giving Mary to do. So it frightened Mary the first time she was called into Celestes office. Mary worried that her anger would show and that she would be in trouble because of her difficulty in dealing with her feelings about her Celeste.

  Mary decided to apply the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process to the situation. She followed the ritual, and when it came time to take the step of making the heart connection with the focus of her exploration, she followed her heart right into Celestes heart. She began to experience Celestes fear of her new job. She could see how Celeste brought good intentions with her, but felt overwhelmed by the her responsibilities. Mary realized how Celeste was trying to cope by assuming a take-charge attitude.

  As Mary withdrew from the experience, she noticed that her anger toward her boss was gone. In its place was compassion for Celeste and even a sense of kinship. She smiled to herself and thought, in surprise, I know how she feels!

  The next time Mary was called into Celestes office, Mary astonished herself when she blurted out, Celeste, I was just remembering when I first became a Den Mother for my sons Cub Scout program, and I always felt this pressure to make a bunch of cookies that they would really like. Do you know what it feels like to have to bake really good cookies?

  Celeste, too, was surprised by the question. Then she sighed in apparent relief and replied, Yes, I do. I feel tremendous pressure right now to get cooking. Can you help me?

  From then on, Mary and Celeste worked as colleagues.

Heart Awareness is a Mood Enhancer

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Proverbs 17:22

Im sure youve had the experience of days when nothing seemed to go right, when everything seemed to be wrong or jinxed. I certainly have. Everything feels out of kilter, and then I may get a piece of bad news or something isnt working the way its supposed to, or I cant get my writing to go, or theres something I need and I cant find it. When I find myself in one of those days, I feel really low and depressed.

  Then there are those other days, when things just seem to move along and everything works out. I meet with just the right people. I get good news. I seem to lead a charmed life. Im sure youve had these experiences yourself. Such days of flow and harmony when you cant seem to take a wrong step are really special.

  What I have discovered over the course of my life is that I can break the negative mindset, the feeling of being out of step, and move it towards one of being more in harmony. All I have to do is focus on the here and now. Usually, just by looking around my environment, and by taking notice of whats happening in that moment, I can change my outlook. If I can take the here and now into my heart, and find a reason to feel gratitude for what Im experiencing at that moment, my mood gets even better. The way things go improves as well.

  Sometimes I do it by finding something around me thats pleasing to look at. Sometimes I do it by coming upon some small realization, like finding something I can be grateful about. Sometimes the change comes simply from my noticing how I am free to be aware of whatever I choose at that moment, which I find entertaining and amusing. However I come by this reorientation into the pleasure of the moment, I begin to feel better, and things start to go better. Ive found a way to enter the harmony of the moment, and Im in the flow again.

  Given this discovery, I find that its hard to stay in the dark mindset for too long. I know I can change if Im willing. It has become one of my personal challenges to learn how to stay more in the moment over longer periods of time. Im learning to shift gears and break the spell of discord.

  This ability to be in the moment, in the now, is an important factor in the experience of flow. We know that being in flow is a rewarding experience. As we used to say, being in flow is being where its at! Earlier, you learned that by consciously experiencing the flow of your breath, you could change your frame of mind. You could gain a sense of wonder at the mystery of where the breath comes from, of the life force, of the inner and the outer, and start to feel connected with a larger picture. Perhaps you also discovered that those feelings have a domino effect, building and growing. The positive benefits of those feelings expand. The sense of being part of a larger whole, of being in harmony with that whole opens up onto the source of our intuition, our unity with all life. When we are identified with the whole, we can know about the world around us without knowing how or why we know. Everything we need to know can be found within us.

  One of my own earliest experiences with this wonderful mystery came while singing the Hallelujah Chorus in church. In the midst of that singing, chills ran up and down my spine, tears came to my eyes, and I felt a profound sense of release. I felt the release of my concerns and a positive energy in my soul, as if the Heavens had opened to me and everything was as it should be. I felt that I was a valuable person with something to do in life. I felt reborn and regenerated, as if I was getting a fresh start in life. It was like a gift coming to me, and I felt some wonderful light coming down out of the sky. In singing that lovely music, I was able to move into harmony, into flow with the music and with the other singers. I released and opened up to something bigger than myself.

  Something very similar takes place as people learn about and explore the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process. First, the focus on the breath, especially on accepting the flow of that breath, accepting it as a gift, naturally brings a feeling of peace, and then of gratitude. People often find themselves getting images or sensations of being rocked by the breath, as if somehow life is taking care of them, and their mood begins to shift, from tension to relaxation and trust. Becoming attuned to the flow of the breath places them in harmony with the movement of their chest and their breathing. With the coming of feelings of gratitude the sense of harmony expands beyond the body. Feelings of appreciation extend to all that is here and now, for the experience of life itself. It is this encounter with unconditional love that creates such a profound shift in how we experience ourselves. We become more heart-centered. This popular metaphor means that we experience the world from a feeling place of love and acceptance. It also means a shift in the center of gravity, in terms of consciousness, from the head, where we experience our thoughts, down into the chest, where the heart is and where we experience love.

  People notice the difference and enjoy this shift of attention into the heart area. What they tell me is that they notice a warmth, a glow, a softening of emotions, a love feeling. I have heard it described as being like the sun shining, radiating warmth, or like a rose opening, expanding and giving of itself. Others have imagined a window or door opening to the outside. What all the images have in common is warmth, radiating and expanding, and peaceful happiness.

  If a person stays with this experience, to see how it may grow or develop, they tell me that the shift expands throughout their bodies and awareness. They feel like channels for the life force, feel it flowing through them, and somehow, through the intensifying of the feeling of love, the force gets brighter and brighter.

  William Blake, the mystic poet, once said that gratitude is Heaven itself. This secret is a very simple way to feel good, even if just for a few moments. You might enjoy testing this idea to see if Blake was correct. If he was right, you can follow your Intuitive Heart into a very special place.

Heart Awareness Raises Consciousness

He who harbors in his heart love of truth will live and not die. Buddha: His Life and Teachings

Are we talking about anything more than an improvement in mood? Well, for one thing, there is a definite physical effect to this shift. At the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek, California, a non-profit organization devoted to exploring the ramifications of heart awareness, researchers have conducted studies on the hearts electrophysiology as it is affected by attitudes and emotions.

  Their studies show that when a person focuses on the heart while experiencing appreciation and gratitude, the heart responds in kind. Its rhythm becomes more regular. An EKG taken during this time shows less noise and more regularity in the hearts electrical patterns. Whats more, the brain follows along. The test subjects brain waves become more in synch and show evidence of being tuned to the heart.

  The institutes discovery also is significant for our understanding of intuition experiences and of how to have a more intentional relationship with our intuition

  When we want to use our intuition, we need to quiet the mind. Its hard enough to quiet the mind under ordinary circumstances. Trying to force the mind to be quiet when we are upset is impossible. But, while the brain cant quiet itself, the heart can do the job.

  The Institute of HeartMaths discovery also helps us to appreciate the effects of feeling connected and in harmony with the whole. Our awareness of the breath and feelings of being in harmony with its flow helps us to experience the breath as a gift, which in turn helps us to experience gratitude for the breath, which in turn helps us to experience love in our hearts, which in turn shifts us into a higher level of order, of harmony.

  Love is an experience of harmony, in which we accept things as they are, appreciate them as they are, and feel our connections with the people and world around us. Certainly, its just common sense that if all people were more loving in this way, we would live in a more harmonious world.

  The institutes research is an external, mechanical verification of something that we can experience within ourselves. It is something from which we can profit by understanding it intuitively. When we say that love is a higher state of consciousness, most of us recognize the truth of that. But what do we actually mean by it? Lets allow our intuition to teach us.

Love is a Higher State of Consciousness

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Psalms 51:10

Ive enjoyed asking people I meet in my work to explain what is meant by higher consciousness. Its fun to watch them grapple with something they take for granted. Often, they describe it as a wiser state of consciousness. Why then, I ask, dont we just call it wiser? Whats the wisdom in calling it higher? The response I often get is that its centered not in the lower emotions but in the higher emotions, that love is a higher emotion than, for example, greed. Thats certainly true. One of our difficulties in learning to trust intuition is getting past our concern that we are hearing our own hopes and fears and not a larger truth. It is the lower emotions that often lead us into those hopes and fears, while the higher emotion of love is identified with a broader, more noble truth. And thats very important. But, I ask again, why do we call it higher?

  The answer is that, once again, we are speaking in metaphor, the language of the heart. We say higher because that word draws on our memories and experiences of the effect that height has on our perception. When we go to the top of a tall building or mountain, when we fly in an airplane, or any time that we physically are at a higher elevation, we can look down and see things from a new perspective. We see better how things fit together. When we are down on the ground in our little house, our awareness is of our yard and where it touches the yard of our next-door neighbor; ours is a very personal and narrow point of view. But at an elevation, we see how our house and our neighbors houses and our whole street fit into a larger neighborhood, into a city, into an even larger geography. We get a more holistic point of view. So higher actually is a very good word-picture to describe the more encompassing consciousness that takes in more information, that has greater intelligence and a more integrated awareness of how things fit together.

Reaching Out With Our Hearts To Understand This Metaphor of Intuitive Intimacy

My favored temple is an humble heart. P. J. Bailey, Festus: Colonnade and Lawn

Now what does love have to do with intuition? To show you how much of a relationship there is between the heart and the kind of thinking that deserves a label such as higher to describe a quality of consciousness, lets look again at what we mean when we talk about reaching out with the heart.

  When Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug competed through the pain of an injured ankle to help her team win a gold medal in 1996, people agreed that their hearts went out to her. What does that mean? Ive asked many people to explain that expression to me. The most common answer I get is that the cared about her. Then why not simple say you cared? Whats the wisdom in saying your heart went out to her? In response to my probing, people talk about feeling that they understood and identified with Strugs experience. They say they had empathy for her, could feel the way she must have felt. They were involved in and connected with what she was experiencing. It was a riveting experience, and their feelings and Kerrys were united.

  A similar phrase that we often hear, particularly when people are married, is of two hearts being joined. People dont actually cut open their chests and stick their hearts together, of course, so what are we talking about? What we mean is that the two people have a feeling, through love, of being connected emotionally. They have a special bond (Here we have another metaphor, a word-picture expressing a special connection), which is to say they share a special understanding with each other. They are in sympathy, in harmony (Still another word-picture. Are they really singing?). In other words, they feel close. That word close is one more word-picture. Its hard to get away from these metaphors to describe the experience of two people sharing one act of feeling.

  What we are doing with each of these common phrases about the heart, once again, is using metaphor. We talk about something that is hard to verbalize by describing it in more familiar terms and images that help us see it more clearly and vividly. A metaphor envisions the unfamiliar in more familiar terms. When we talk about the heart going out to someone, or when we talk about two people feeling close, we are using a metaphor of movement across space, or an experience of three-dimensional space, to describe in more familiar terms the process of our feelings becoming unified with someone elses feelings. The metaphor visualizes our experience of how our awareness shifts in space from where we are to where that other person is. We do move across that space in terms of consciousness to identify with another person.

  Its important that you appreciate metaphors, because you use them naturally, and they represent your intuitive understanding of things. These particular metaphors also say something about our growing understanding of intuition. When we say our heart goes out to another person, we are saying that we know how they must feel because we have placed ourselves within them. We have become intuitive about them and their feelings. We have become intuitive about them because we have identified ourselves with them. We intuitively understand that intuition is created by the joining of hearts, by empathy.

  When people say their hearts are joined, they mean that they have a connection that enables them to understand each other more intuitively, more intimately. The metaphor visualizes the experience of one persons feelings becoming what the other person feels. They become close. And what do we mean when we say two people are close? This metaphor visualizes the two people as if they are standing on the same spot, which describes what its like when two people are participating in a shared experience. They can look at each other and say, Yes, we are together in this experience. Were sharing it. We can feel each others presence as being a part of this experience. We feel close. Two people who experience closeness with each other have intuitive feeling for each others experience.

  The metaphors that we use to describe intimacy reveal that we have an intuitive understanding that empathy, emotional unity, identification, and closeness enhance the flow of intuition between people.

  Its understandable, then, that philosophers and people who are highly intuitive talk about intuition as coming from this type of intimacy with what is to be known. To be intuitive about something, we make ourselves one with it, become close to it and connected to it.

Imagined Unity Creates Intuitive Empathy

Ye whose hearts are fresh and simple, Who have faith in God and nature. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Hiawatha

Albert Einstein used his imagination to help his understanding. He talked about developing his theory of relativity by imagining that he was riding on a beam of light. He used his imagination to become one with this lightbeam in order to understand what its experience must be. His imagined empathy brought him profound intuition about light and space. It proved to be more than just imagination.

  Actors, too, speak of becoming one with their characters, enabling them to bring forth great expression about those characters. They bring expression from within themselves even when their own lives are very different from those of the characters whom they portray. When actress Barbara Hershey was interviewed about her work in Portrait of a Lady, in which she played a character very unlike her previous roles (and very unlike her own personality), she said, I really think everyone is inside us. If were willing to look deep enough, hard enough, we can find anybody in there. Thats how you learn about yourself, about humanity. Thats the thrill of acting. Its also a great description of how to become intuitive about other people.

  Another area in life where you can find plenty of examples of the intuitive connection of empathy that imagination brings is in sports. Take a close look at bowlers, for example. Watch as they roll the bowling balls down the lanes. Its as if they dont let go of the balls even when the balls leaves their hands. Watch how they follow the balls progress with their whole bodies, shifting their bodies as if they can shift the balls, trying to steer the balls all the way down to the pins. You can see that they are not thinking about what they are doing but that, in their imagination, they have become one with the balls. They not only are experiencing the balls moving down the lanes, but they are using their imaginative connection with the balls to try to steer them.

  Spectators at sports events have this same identification with the players. Watching an outfielder go back and reach up for a high-flying ball, the fans crook their heads back and move their arms. Watching gymnasts perform, or divers jump, the spectators move their bodies.

  The word for empathy, comes from the Greek empatheia and the German Einfuhlung, meaning feeling into. It originally was used to describe how specatators form empathic bonds with what they contemplate, often expressed by imitative movements.

  In sports, people recreate within themselves what they experience from an identification, or momentary unity, with the object of their perception. It helps explain why spectator sports are so popular. People derive a vicarious satisfaction from watching, as if they themselves were on the playing field.

  To take yet another example, watch people in a movie theater as their identification with characters and a situation brings them to tears. How many times have most of us experienced that kind of identification? Watching movies or other dramatic presentations draws us in. Our imagination allows us to enter into the story and participate in the events. We greatly expand the range of our experience through seeing such dramas.

  This process of using the imagination to take the other into ourselves, where we recreate an empathic identification with the other and, thus, know it more intimately, is exactly the spirit of the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process. As we come to appreciate why people place such value on watching sport, we can appreciate more why the story-telling aspect of the Intuitive Heart is so powerful. It is the same when people watch movies or read novels. Their response to such stories, created through their imaginative identification, becomes part of their own experience, their own learning. When they listen to our intuitive stories, made from our memories, they are affected in the same way. It is more powerful than giving advice because they make the stories their own.

  What stories do we wish to share? Let them be from the heart!

Making the Heart Connection

What outward form and feature are He guesseth but in part; But that within is good and fair He seeth with the heart. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

When we can identify with another person through the higher consciousness of love, we have a basis for the highest, best, most profound understanding of that person. As you continue to explore the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process, you will be able to see and experience this fact for yourself.

  At this point in your Intuitive Heart training, you have learned to follow your breath and to receive its gift, the gift of life. You have moved from that step to focusing on your heart, experiencing gratitude for this gift, letting that gratitude blossom into a feeling of love.   Feelings of love in the heart area have a natural tendency to expand, which is a metaphor to picture the change in the experience of the body image that shows an increase in sensitivity to ones surroundings.

  Now, I think you will find that its a very natural progression to let that feeling of love expand and to reach out with your heart, to explore, to greet and to welcome. Just as you can imagine giving someone a handshake in greeting, so too can you easily make a heart connection with whomever or about whatever you wish to be intuitive. In terms of our training exercise, the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process, you reach out with your heart to the person whose question or concern you are going to address. You also will find that, in reaching out with your heart, in making the heart connection, you have established a foundation for understanding that person.

  Let me tell you how people have described the experience of this heart connection. In my teaching, for example, I ask people simply to focus on their breathing, to move into a place of gratitude, aware of the expanding feeling of love, and then to imagine that they can include in that awareness the physical presence of the person with whom they will be working. When I ask how that feels, some people say they can feel a line going between their heart and that of their partner. Some feel as if the partners heart is beating in their own chest. Some talk about the sensation of one of their bodies melding into the other and of being able to feel the sensations of the partners body.

  In my own experience, I often have this sensation in the facial area. Even though my eyes are closed, I feel as if Im having my partners facial expressions. I think I know how it feels for my partner to hold the jaw or lips in a particular way. Through the inner feeling of the facial expression, I get an impression of my partners mood. All these sensations and images show the connection, the indentification, the union that takes place as we reach out with our heart and connect with another.

  Another example of the effect that such connection can have on us is an experience I once had in art class. We were going to draw a rose. First, however, our instructor told us to stand in front of the rose and then to arrange our body to stand like the rose, to become like the rose, to allow a part of us to open up the way the rose blossoms, to have our arms connected to our body the way the leaves were connected to the branches of the rose. Then, the instructor said, we would draw. As we followed the directions, the people in the class were astonished at what happened. Several talked about how they could almost smell the rose as they drew it. Others felt a new understanding of the rose, even of its thorns, which they no longer saw as an aggressive posture by the rose but one of pride. The drawings that we did that day were much more expressive than our previous drawings of flowers and much more roselike in ways that were hard to put into words. But somehow, we knew, we had entered into the essence of that rose.

  Edgar Cayce was a very intuitive man. By going deeply into himself, he was able to come up not only with facts, but also with ideas, medical solutions, and advice that were so accurate and efficacious, many consider him to have been the worlds greatest psychic. He once said that our intuitive abilities have a special link with nature, which can teach us a great deal. To activate this link, he advised, a person should look at a rose, try to become like the rose, and see if, during that experience, the person didnt receive some special instruction from the rose, as if the rose were talking to them. It was the same prescription our intuitive art teacher gave our class. You can have this kind of intuitive experience as well, the experience of becoming one with another person or thing, through your Intuitive Heart connection.

  As I ask the people I am training to describe the feeling of this heart connection in more detail, they speak of feeling as if they had known their partner for a long time, not in any specific sense of knowing facts about them, but a sense of closeness. As if, said one participant, they have their own music, and I was joined with that, and it was very pleasant.

  Some talk about how, when they initially were given a partner, they didnt feel particularly positive about that person.

  But when I closed my eyes and made the heart connection, one woman said, all of a sudden, I was exposed to a whole new world, and I experienced this person very differently. And they were beautiful.

  Its not just a feeling of being close, a third person explained, but of being close to them in a way that has a certain quality, a certain sound, or aroma, or atmosphere to it.

  You can see the difficulty we have, sometimes, in articulating exactly what we experience when we make this heart connection, yet most of the people in my classes always nod in agreement with such descriptions, understanding exactly what each of the speakers means when trying to describe the heart connection.

  Which isnt to say that each person has exactly the same experience. In a group setting, I instruct the participants to make heart connections with more than one partner. What they notice is that each connection feels different, that each is as unique as the person sitting across from them. These connection experiences are not just some generalized experience of halos or hearts and flowers or Christmasy kinds of sweet stuff. Yet, even though each feels different, there is a common denominator in each experience: you. You can feel yourself in each one, and you can see, through the differences, the common essence that connects all these experiences.

  The heart connection is real, and it has real effects. When I ask people whether they felt something real was happening as their heart connected with the other person, almost everyone agrees it felt real. How do they know it was real, I ask, since they were just sitting with their eyes closed, not touching in any ordinary physical way. It would be easy to say it was their imagination. Yet, almost to a person, they insist that the connection was real, that they could feel it, and that they just know it.

  What is happening here, of course, is that this heart connection is an intuitive experience, something that we know outside our usual ways of knowing. Its worth practicing the heart connection just to experience this moment of intuitive awareness, which you will find you trust and value. Too often, we work at having intuitions while forgetting that it comes through a particular mode of experience with which many of us have little practice. In order to recognize and trust intuition, we need to spend time experiencing and appreciating this mode. And I find that its in the practice of making heart connections that most of the people with whom I work can have that awareness, that experience of Yes, I can see how Im being intuitive and that the heart connection I feel with this person is real.

  The sense of intuitive connection with another person is more than just imagination. When I ask people to help me explain to others how real it is, they often refer to the insights theyve experienced into the other person during the heart connection. After a minute or so of quietly contemplating this heart connection, people have surprising insights about their partner, just as Mary did about her boss, Celeste. I remember one man, for example, who said that he sensed his partner, a young woman, had a heavy heart, and that it reminded him of how he felt when his wife died. As it turned out, the woman had just ended a long-term relationship and also had lost her mother to death the previous month.

  We can imagine a heart connection, but it becomes more than just imagination. Try it for yourself and see.

Learn to Trust Your Heart

My heart is as true as steel. William Shakespeare, A Midsummer-Nights Dream

For now, you need to take some time to practice making the heart connection and experiencing how it feels for you and with different people and things. Each time you practice this, begin with your focus on the breath, letting the gratitude for the breath come, and letting that gratitude expand into love. When you have enjoyed that experience for a moment, then use it to reach out to another person. You dont need their permission to do this, because I dont think we need permission to feel love towards another. If the person is someone you feel comfortable asking for permission, you can have a more shared experience that can provide you with valuable feedback. In either case, notice what you experience as your gratitude, love and heart awareness expand to include that person. Notice your attitude toward that person and whether it changes. Notice what you sense from them. Do it with several people to see how your perceptions are different and what they have in common.

  You also can practice this connection with non-human objects. Flowers and trees are wonderful subjects. See how your experience of their nature changes when you make a heart connection with them.

  What all of your practice will do is to help you see that the heart has a unique way of perceiving, that the heart connection is a natural form of identification and empathy, and that through this empathic response, you do have the ability for intuitive perception, for that inner connection. When you move to the final step in the Intuitive Heart training getting feedback it will emphasize not only your ability to have intuitive perceptions but also the reality of the connections that your Intuitive Heart is making.

  You can learn to trust your heart and to follow it. Using heart awareness love as a means of understanding is to follow a path of harmony. When you are ready to live in a world of harmony, then you can follow your heart, for it intuitively responds to that greater world. The heart has a higher consciousness that is available to you through the experience of making heart connections

  As you learn to make these heart connections, you are surrendering to love as a channel of understanding and inspiration. And just as we have used metaphors (higher consciousness, reaching out with the heart, joining hearts, a heart connection) to describe what happens, so, too, will the wisdom that comes forth from your heart be expressed in the hearts language, the language of the imagination and memory, the figures of speech and word pictures that are the language of metaphor.

  This experience of the heart connection is as valuable a lesson about how intuition works as that of the breath.

  You may remember that, with the breath, what made it possible to get out of your own way was to realize that your breath is inherently trustworthy. You realized that, as you watched it and began to relax about it, the breath continued to come on its own, just as it always has. You learned to trust that, even when you arent thinking about it, the breath will go on. Its the same with the heart connection. You worry and clutch at that moment for the insight or awareness youre supposed to get. But two things help you to relax. One is the good feeling of that moment of the other persons presence, the feeling of being connected, the love feeling. The other is the experience of knowing that for that moment, love fills your heart, and love is enough. This experience of the loving connection can fill your awareness, so that there is no need for anything else. The satisfaction of that moment, the blossoming of love, the flowering of the heart connections energy, all pour forth and displace our fretting. Its as if you stand aside and let love take over.

  No doubt youve had other such moments in your life, moments when you were focusing on some issue, tense and worried, and unable to release it. Then you may have felt the nudging of love, beckoning and saying, here is the loving thing to do. And if you were able to heed that voice, to release all your worry and tension into love, to go where love would have you go, you probably were filled with a wonderful sense of relief and peace.

  This kind of experience is an exercise of the Intuitive Heart and one that can support your training. Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath confirmed its effectiveness, and the institute now teaches people how to approach concerns and worrisome situations by releasing them into love. When you focus on a problem that way, the love pushes aside your concerns and brings in its wake new solutions, new approaches to the situation. Well talk more about this a little later.

  Right now, lets go on with your training. You have learned to follow your breath, to experience gratitude and love, and to expand those feelings into a connection from your heart to your partner. Now youre going to learn to allow the guidance and the information to come.

  Just as you did with following the breath, where you probably were concerned at first with what you should think and do, you may be worried now about what kind of memory you should get, what kind of guidance you should receive, what sort of teaching lesson you should make. But as I showed you with the breath, what you really need to do is to relax, stop worrying about it, just enjoy the feeling of the love connection. In other words, just get out of your own way. If you can relax into this experience and enjoy it and be grateful for it, it will help take your mind off all that worry and will enable your intuition, which is love and its higher intelligence, to bring forward the inspiration you seek.

  As I consider this and reach out to it from my own Intuitive Heart, it reminds me of a time when I went out on a fishing boat with a group of people. We all had paid money to go out on this boat to catch fish, so we really wanted to catch some. But no one was catching anything. We tried different kinds of bait and moved around to different spots on the water. Nothing was happening. Finally, I began to be seduced by the beauty of the day. It was sunny and warm, and the boat was rocking gently on the water. I forgot to worry about catching fish and drifted off into this wonderful state of reverie. And the next thing I remember was people shaking me and saying, Henry, youve got a bite!

  My memory shows me that it is much the same in intuition and its heart connection. You can just let it happen. You can trust in it. You can trust the breath, the love, and the heart, and the heart will make the connection you seek.

*This material is adapted from the book by Henry Reed, The Intuitive Heart, available from

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