The Mentored Sessions
1: In My Experience
2: Create a New Heart
3: Dream Helper Ceremony
4: Getting to Know You
5: Close to You
6: Inspirational Writing

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The Mentorship Program

 Preparation for the Sessions

Session 5

Close to You

"What is truly essential is invisible to the eye; only the heart can see."

Preparing for Session 5

Read pages 119-150 of the pink workbook book and imagine how you will conduct the group.

For a demonstration of the exercise, see the video, at approximately 5:03

For background information, read the article, "Close Encounters." Notice how this very simple exercise has very profound implications for intimacy and the nature of "contact." You will read about typical responses to the exercise and their interpretation. This reading will increase your sensitivity to and understanding of your group members' experiences during the session.

For further insights into the nature of the intuitive imagination, you may wish to read the article on the "Visionary Imagination."

Notes for the Session:

The mirroring exercise is playful, which serves a couple of purposes, to loosen people up, allowing more spontaneity of imagery in the imaginal contact experience. The mirroring also establishes rapport between the partners.

To make the session fit within the time period, consider dropping rounds 3 and 4.

Please note: It's a good idea to make cassette recordings of the two inductions. One induction for rounds 1, 2, and 5 (see page 143 of the workbook), and a second induction for rounds 6 and 7 (see page 148).

Questions for After the Session:

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