The Mentored Sessions
1: In My Experience
2: Create a New Heart
3: Dream Helper Ceremony
4: Getting to Know You
5: Close to You
6: Inspirational Writing

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The Mentorship Program

 Preparation for the Sessions

Session 4

Getting to Know You

"The heart is aware of no distance."

Preparing for Session 4

Read pages 89-118 of the pink workbook and imagine how you will conduct the group.

For a demonstration of the exercise, see the video, at approximately 4:40

For background reading, see the article Getting to Know You. Pay special attention to the intimacy issues that the article addresses, initially in terms of theory, and then in terms of reactions to the exercise.

  • What is the similarity between the Getting to Know You Game with the Dream Helper Ceremony?

  • Do you see the connection with shamanic journeying?

Notes for the Group Session:

The group process, as outlined in your workbook, differs from that described in the article. Your workbook describes an improved version of leading the group.

  • First, in the first practice round, point out the difference between external and internal listening

  • There is no mention of making a heart connection prior to listening, so you suggest it.

  • The hints listed in the workbook are not in order, so use them as needed.

These issues can come up. How can you handle them? (see Chapter 4 for further hints)

  • What if a person gets a blank? See hint

  • What if a person issues a judgment? See hint

  • What is the difference between noting what you experience and your interpretation of your experience?

  • What about the intimacy / privacy issue, who's sending? who's receiving? Can we hear more than the person wishes to express? If we do, is that intrusive?

What about taking time to look for group patterns? Especially when playing the last version, the "Psychic Detective Game," it is useful to look for group patterns in the experiences. Also helpful to have people interpret these experiences in terms of their own personal connections (as in the Dream Helper Ceremony.)

Questions for After the Session:

Did the participants understand the difference between external listening and inner or intuitive listening? How could you tell? What examples do you have of someone referring to the difference?

Can you point to any difference between insights derived from external listening and insights derived from internal or intuitive listening?

Were people making connections with each other through the exercise? The principle of the Intuitive Heart is "I connect with you through my own experience." Did you see any evidence of this kind of awareness during the exercise?

What were some of the questions put to the group during the "Psychic Detective Game"? How well did the group do in responding to these questions? Any good insights?

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