The Mentored Sessions
1: In My Experience
2: Create a New Heart
3: Dream Helper Ceremony
4: Getting to Know You
5: Close to You
6: Inspirational Writing

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The Mentorship Program

 Preparation for the Sessions

Session 2

Create a New Heart

"Create in me a pure heart."

Preparing for Session 2

Read 47-80 of the pink book and imagine how you will conduct the group.

For background information about the use of a guided self-hypnosis script for tuning into the intuitive imagination, click here!


Treat the "guided self-hypnosis" like getting absorbed in a bedtime story, like watching a movie and taking it for real. The story puts the listener in a very good mood, to enhance receptivity for inspiration.

If you've listened to it yourself in advance, you can comment upon what you learned about how to make best use of the experience.

• We often have heros and heroines, and ask ourselves what that person would do or say in a situation, which is what the session is about... we imagine what it is like for them and that awakens that within us... which is the Intuitive Heart process, “How can I find you within me?”

• What do you imagine Mother Teresa might say about... ?

• Caution people not to let expectations for what “should” happen interfere with the open possibilities for what might happen.

• Explain that the induction tape is purposefully long and repetitive. That repetitiveness can lead to mind wanderinga and loss of focus if the person is relying totally on the narration to carry the effect. The repetitions are meant to allow the person to practice using their own imagination to create the mood setting.

Be Prepared:

• You'll be setting up the "Dream Helper Ceremony" for the following week.

• You'll be asking people to do the dream interpretation exercise on pages 66-80. It is very helpful if you have practiced the exercise yourself with a recent dream. That way, you can speak with confidence when you tell them, "You may get bogged down in the interpretation exercise, I did myself, but I stuck with it, and it really paid off!"

BIG HINT: Work with a 50 word (max) version of the dream! Use simple, not complex, sentences.

• Remind people that if they do not have a dream, do the “In my experience” exercise that morning, do some journal writing about the lessons learned for self from the memory.

Follow up on Session 2:

• Give an example of someone who gained something of value from their reverie

• Give an example of someone who had difficulty with the process. How did you handle it?

• What suggestions did you make for people to continue their practice?

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