The Mentored Sessions
1: In My Experience
2: Create a New Heart
3: Dream Helper Ceremony
4: Getting to Know You
5: Close to You
6: Inspirational Writing

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The Mentorship Program

 Preparation for the Sessions

Session 1:

In My Experience

"My heart reaches out to you and I know you in my heart."

Preparing for Session 1

Prior to the first mentoring session, which occurs some time before your first session:

Read pages 1-44 of the pink workbook, Exercise your Intuitive Heart.

Reread pages 21-44 of the pink workbook, and as you do so, imagine how you will conduct the group.

The session is divided into two major sections: working with the breath and heart, and doing the memory exercise. 

To familiarize yourself with the depth of the breath exercise, you may read this excerpt from the book, The Intuitive Heart.  

To familiarize yourself with the depth of the focus on the heart, you may read this excerpt from the book, The Intuitive Heart.

You can see me doing the "in my experience" exercise in the third segment of the video, at approximately 0:14.

To familiarize yourself with the steps of the "In My Experince" exercise, you may read this excerpt from the book, The Intuitive Heart.

Notes / Topics to Discuss:

• Initial meditation has been changed and shortened. You can do the full meditation at the start of each session. To read the script for this "Inspired Heart" induction, click here!

• Two openers: Who recalls regretting NOT following a hunch? Give some examples of experiences that seem to be intuition

• Consider asking each person to say why they came to the group, what are they expecting?

• The breath observations builds intuitive perception... exploring the unknown or unfamiliar in terms of metaphors

• Don’t underestimate the value of praising people, showing interest in their comments, ask for more, helping them open up to strangers

• In the video, note that it’s about me doing the exercise, me being patient, exploratory, taking my time, a real sharing... not just a test to see if I’m right, and we continue to explore after the question is revealed.

Make a tape of the induction (bottom of page 34: “[say Focus Person and Helping person instead of] Person A...” to end of first column on page 36 “...with your partner.” Make this tape to play for the group (including you) in case you have an even number of people and you need to partner up! Important

• The Breath and Heart meditation prior to the memory coming is important preparation. Be sure to review it, stress its importance as a transforming state of awareness.

• Ask a real “need to know” question, don’t test your partner

• Sometimes the memory is touchy, but go ahead and share it...

• For follow-up, suggest people play a “game” with people, making up stories

• After the session write up any story about a good outcome. Our work needs good examples we can write about.

Follow-up for Session 1:

• See typical questions, listed above.

• How do you think the people understood the inner experience of breathing, and the key phrase, “trust the inspiration.”

• Did you hear any good stories about people’s exchanges in the “In My Experience” exercise that might be written up?


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